Wednesday, May 27, 2020

A future classic image sketch from ONLI STUDIOS.  
A pre-publication peep. 
A fan treat..and view of things to come.

SASA is the New Face of Horror!

Sunday, May 17, 2020

 Rhythmistic Heroes from ONLI STUDIOS are doing the vital  maskings and respectful distancing to keep y'all and us well during these times of Sheltering In Place.

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

 The "Mega Sustah-Girl Work Out Book" is the only Graphic Novel in the world that is totally illustrated by talented female artists who have on their own depicted the character, Sustah-Girl: Queen of the Black Age, as they felt she should look. This is their vision of how a female super hero should look.

This great buy is a wellness / fitness guide & personal journal for sisters of all ages and stages looking to be positive and healthy.

 "Tales From The Rhythmic Zone" features Rhythmistic stories and art about the character that pre-dates the trend of afrofuturism and is the first intergalactic cosmic character created and published by an indie operation.  This makes this book so collectable and vital in most collections, classrooms and libraries.

 Prof. Turtel Onli. M.A.A.T. showing his titles recently in Chicago at the National Treasure designated South Side Community Art Center in the historic Bronzeville District.  This is where he  boldly launched the important Black Age of Comics genre / style/ and movement in February of 1993.  

Look how much color and diversity has emerged in this industry since that birth of the Black Age. 

Onli is a creative life long writer / deep  illustrator / radical designer / educator / indie publisher / & coach.  His flair and focus is known as Rhythmistic.  That is future-primitif and about the nexus of creativity, culture and commerce.

 This is a peek at the coming hot "Team BLANGA II" that will drop later in 2020.

Folks may have missed a lot of the critical action and innovation by way of Onli because his focus was pure.  He was doing his best to truly expand this industry to embrace and promote creators and characters of color.  Real diversity.  Various styles.

Onli took the hit that so many would not do.  The challenge to launch and grow the Black Age as a positive open genre that would welcome participation from all folks.

Question: "How much color and real diversity was in this industry before Onli launched the Black Age of Comics in 1993?"

Below is Prof. Onli presenting the cool  truth and importance of the indie Black Age of Comics to his students in 2008 at the Krannert Museum's Out of Sequence group exhibition curated by John Jennings & Damian Duffy.

  What$ in your collection?

Friday, March 27, 2020

"Did we hear you say, "Make mine ONLI"?

 Sometimes its about the money....sometimes its about the story....other times its about the art.  With Onli its about it all!

 Ms Antonia, a musician,  took this crucial picture of Onli at a kickass Chicago Black Age of Comics Convention produced by ONLI STUDIOS....catching him after selling a handful of ONLI STUDIOS books to a group of happy fans.  

At the time Onli also was the founding sponsor of the Kenwood Academy High School's very popular Anime' Club, taught Graphic Design and Coached Varsity Boys Volley Ball at the event's location being the Kenwood High School. 

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

From the Father of the Black Age of Comics 2010!